On-site installation maintenance and servicing. Experienced in service and maintenance of Neve, SSL, Audient, EMI TG, Classic and Vintage mixers as well as Amek MCI. On call service available while your in-house technician is unavailable.

Tape recording machines serviced include Ampex ATR124, Ampex ATR100, Studer C37 through A80s and A800 as well as 3M M79, Otari MTR90 and Mitsubishi digital machines.
PAT testing in line with Electricity at Work Regulations. Health and safety systems and scheduling.

Workshop pro audio equipment repair, upgrades and modification.
High quality relay switching units for stereo and surround speaker switches, 2 track return or high end Hi Fi selectors.
  24 Track Audio switches for live backup or multitrack recorder selectors, remote control. As used by Coldplay on tour. Also remotely switches MIDI from one pro tools to another for computer backup as used by the stage show Mama Mia.

Various patch bay, tape return mixers and integration options for classic consoles including Neve V, Neve 51 and Neve 44, SSL, EMI TG series consoles.
EMI TG options include indicator lights, cut switches, line inputs, Direct Outputs, Balanced Inserts, power supply boosters and a mix bus. Using clone EMI electronics and gold plated sealed relay switching. Also +4 operating level options.

Audio fader service kits for P&G Faders. Individual instructions for Flying Faders, Ultimation and non automated faders.

Custom equipment racks, speaker stands and studio furniture.
Stuart Flanagan
Chief Technician
  tel : 020 7613 5762
fax : 020 7033 9608
eml : stuart@tinkerteks.com