Clients have included (in no particular order)

Guy Chambers - Orgasmatron
Terry Britten
Pascal Gabrielle
Marc Heal
Rollo Armstrong - Faithless
Stuart Staples -Tindersticks
Vincent Clarke - Erasure
Sigur Ros
Royal Academy of Music in London
Designers Block
Air Recording Studios
Angel Recording Studios
Video London
Crimson Noise
Sugar Music
Digital Gratification
Fortress Studios
Westpoint Studios
Kelly - Eternal
Mama Mia - Stage Production

Simon Brint
AMS/ Neve
Electric EEL
John Coleman
Britannia Row Studios
Talvin Singh
Darren King
Mute Recording Studios
The Big Coffee Company
Jammers Productions
Martin Newcombe
Sweet Georgia Brown
Duncan Pro Audio
Battery Studios - Zomba Music
Boom Boom Satellite
Koch & Gilpin
Sandwell College
Funky Junk
Zak Laurance

Stuart Flanagan
Chief Technician
  tel : 020 7613 5762
fax : 020 7033 9608
eml :